Known for its discipline, grace, strength and precision, Ballet as an art and style of dance continues to inspire and evolve. We offer the syllabus of the RAD, recognised worldwide as one of the best methods of training classical ballet dancers. We believe that an excellent grounding in ballet is essential not only for students wishing to pursue further classical training but for students of all styles of dance.


As an extension of Ballet technique the transition to Pointe is an exciting and challenging milestone for students. At the LSDC the transition to Pointe is made only when the student is ready both physically and technically to cope with the additional training. The decision to undertake Pointe study is made in consultation with the schools Director, Linda Shaw Wilson, and each student will be assessed and managed in accordance with their own strengths, needs and commitment


An emerging and continually evolving style that is known for its versatility Contemporary dance has become increasingly popular with companies, students and audiences. To provide our students with the best grounding in Contemporary technique the LSDC offers Adam Wheeler’s new Contemporary Syllabus (ATOD). The syllabus progresses through 8 levels and is offered in the later years of the junior program and throughout the senior years. The centre is registered with the ATOD and students may undertake examinations to compliment their training.

Theatre Jazz

A high energy form of dance that has evolved from Broadway in the 1950’s to the music videos of today. Jazz takes on many forms but all require a great foundation of technique, flexibility and style. We focus our training on the style of Jazz required in Musical Theatre and commercial employment and encourage all of our students to enjoy the freedom and versatility that Jazz training provides.

National Character

Based on stylised traditional forms of dance National Character plays an important role in both the graded ballet examinations of the RAD and repertoire for those who wish to pursue a career in classical dance.